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with our unique three pillar approach to health, we aim to enlighten, inspire and enhance the health of the world through education.


A worthwhile investment…

Have you ever wanted to recapture that energy and vitality that has you want to embrace life to the fullest!

To, wake in the morning with a buzz ready to take on the day.  As dietitian – nutritionist we have an abundance of food knowledge and a unique set of skills to assist you to unlock that the motivation to have your health be a priority.  We can help identify your ‘WHY’ which is the heartbeat of your persistence in creating new healthy patterns of behavior to support you to achieve your fitness, health and lifestyle goals.

Coaching for health is for everyone that has the desire to change and take their health for life off the rollercoaster and onto the right path for results.  We take the confusion out of food, creating healthy habits not restrictions.


Nutrition is a key element of good health.

In our powerful events, our goals is to educate and empower, embracing a focus on health. We present up to date nutrition and health information, providing the tools and the steps to transform information into action.

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Let us help you with a personalised fuel for success program...

With a Food Body Life success program, there are no stones left unturned we look at all the aspect for success in your discipline. Food for your sport goes beyond what a personal trainer would give you the key to success in sport must include body composition, diet, intolerances, fueling and recovery, supplementation that's why we look at Food Body and Life to achieve the best YOU.